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EuroDreams is the latest European lottery that will be launched in November 2023 by all the countries of the European community. The first European pension lottery is inspired by the Anglo-Saxon lotteries that have been in existence for several years, such as the Grande Vie Lottery (Canada), Set for Life (Australia and the United Kingdom), and Cash4Life in the United States.

EuroDreams lottery draws could take place on Thursday or Sunday nights. Additional information will be published starting from September, and we will update this dedicated page for EuroDreams accordingly.

EuroDreams is the new European lottery where several European countries participate together. To participate, it is an essential requirement to purchase tickets from official points of sale.

According to the FDJ, as reported in the newspaper, a new European lottery game called EuroDreams will be launched in November, with a price of €2.50 and incredible prizes.


Therefore, here are the main rules that we can already announce about the EuroDreams lottery (they will be refined as soon as the first official regulations are published by one of the member countries).

The gameplay mechanics would be similar to Euromillions, meaning a selection of 5 numbers and an additional number on a grid that resembles a regular lotto but with larger prizes. If the winnings are not yet revealed, the hypothetical winnings report suggests intermediate prize ranges starting from 2 correct numbers with «classic» cash winnings before reaching the first two prize ranges with annuity-based winnings.

In Canada, the Grande Vie lottery rewards its luckiest players with a prize of $1,000 per day for life. In the United Kingdom, the maximum winnings are £10,000 per month for 30 years.

¿What is the price of a EuroDreams lottery bet?

The price of a EuroDreams lottery bet, as reported by the Capital newspaper, is €2.50 per line.

¿What are the jackpots in the EuroDreams lottery?

According to TirageGagant, the jackpots in the EuroDreams lottery could consist of winnings distributed over 20 to 30 years, similar to what already happens in other European countries, with amounts of up to €20,000 per month.

On our portal, you can check the results of EuroDreams after each draw, including the winning combinations and the prizes awarded categorized by tiers.

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